Are you fed up with sleepless nights?

Discover the new advanced sleep system that can relieve you from back pain, aching shoulders, sciatica and hip pain, and help you to get a great night's sleep... every night!

Say goodbye to sleepless nights

Before we designed and build the ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed & ORO Latex Mattress we considered the most important element...YOU!

How is the ORO Advanced Latex Mattress Different to Other Mattresses?

Why are Standard Mattresses only OK for back sleepers but not so good for side sleepers?

There are many different mattresses that claim to cure back pain and improve the quality of sleep. While some of these are good, the reality is that they don’t go far enough. For example, even with the best quality memory foam mattress, the sleeper will sink into it, but the body’s weight will still be on the shoulder, and shoulders will still be in the wrong position exacerbating any back problems they are already experiencing. With its Pressure Relief Comfort Recess, the ORO Mattress will resolve both issues and is the key to the ORO Mattress’s effectiveness. The difference is so profound that most people who try it see an instant improvement and often experience what they describe as the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had.

OROMed Beds

How is the ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed different from other adjustable Beds?

At the time of writing, adjustable beds have been around for more than 40 years. They can still offer a few benefits in many ways, such as making reading or watching television in bed more comfortable.  However, they suffer from one major limitation; they can only be used while you are awake, as the controls must be operated manually. Adjustable beds can help sleepers comfortably position themselves, but don’t take into account that most people turn from back to side and vice versa during the night and that their bed should automatically readjust so that the mattress should be able to support them as they do. To do this, one needs not just an adjustable bed but an automatically adjustable one.

For this reason, this is what makes the ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed different to every other adjustable bed on the market: it provides real, lasting solutions to sleep-related problems, not short-term fixes. There is no other system like it available. Although the ORO Mattress delivers a superb level of support, even if used with a conventional bed, for the ultimate sleeping experience, it should be paired with the ORO Memory Programmable Automatically Adjustable Bed Base.

ORO Med Adjustable Bed

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International Awards

At the 31st International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva among the 1500 Inventors the CEO of OROMED Int. was awarded a Diploma and Gold Medal for Design and Innovation of ORO Sleep System

Geneva Award
Geneva Award OROMed

International Patents

International Patents have been granted for ORO Latex mattress with its unique Pressure relief Comfort Recess and ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed


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