Like most great inventions, the advanced sleep system you are about to discover was born out of necessity. As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”.

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A word from the creator of ORO Beds

Although I have always been an entrepreneur, engineer, inventor with (nine patented inventions) and designer by trade. I also played professional football for several years. It was during a game of football that I was knocked out and taken to hospital after a particularly rough tackle. Fortunately, I didn’t break my back, but I did end up with a slipped disc.

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Nothing beats a good night's sleep...

It was around this time that I began to appreciate the importance of a good night’s sleep. Although I went to a great many physiotherapists and osteopaths in an attempt to cure my back pain, these only offered short-term solutions and the pain would often return before I’d even arrived home after a session!


As a result, I struggled to sleep each night, because I was constantly tossing and turning in a futile attempt to find a comfortable, pain-free position to sleep in. Although painkillers helped, as soon as I rolled onto my side I was in agony. Every morning I would wake up feeling tired and worn out, having barely enjoyed any quality sleep.

This began to take such a severe toll on my overall quality of life that my doctors eventually proposed fusing my vertebrae; a dangerous operation that I wasn’t keen to try. Still convinced a solution could be found, I decided to tackle the problem myself. I immediately threw myself into a period of extensive research to pinpoint exactly what was hindering a cure for my back pain and preventing me from sleeping.

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What I found was a revelation...

I realised that many of us are sleeping incorrectly most of the time without even realising it. Worse, existing approaches to improving our quality of sleep just didn’t go far enough, so anyone experiencing problems like my back pain would only ever see short-term benefits unless an alternative was found, and so the ORO Advanced Sleep System was born – the next stage of sleep technology that I was immediately keen to share with the world!

Since then, the ORO Advanced Sleep System has been used in nursing homes, hospitals, and homes… anywhere where people are struggling to get a good night’s sleep.


The results have been astonishing, with most people who try the system for the first time experiencing near-instant improvements in their quality of sleep. Indeed, the ORO Ultimate Sleep System was awarded a diploma and the Gold Medal for Design and Innovation at the 31st International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, – a great honour that proved to me that I was on to something. 


And that debilitating back pain? Gone.

My back pain, I am pleased to say it is now gone, without the need for surgery, and I am now enjoying quality sleep every night, using the same system we provide for our OROMed clients! I’ve written the guide to help you take your first step to experience this for yourself. Whether you’re in pain or just want to improve your quality of sleep.


Not only will you learn what is causing your ongoing pain and preventing you from sleeping, but you’ll also learn exactly how to use the ORO Ultimate Sleep System to finally solve the problem.


Meet the world's first "intelligent" bed


Here at OROMed International we have been fine tuning and improving the ORO Unique Range of Products since it was launched on the UK market many years ago. We are at present in the process of launching the fourth generation of ORO Ultimate Sleep System.

The Oro Sleep System is the first “intelligent” bed in the world. It comprises a unique mattress with its Pressure Relief Comfort Recess and a motorised adjustable bed base with memory positions.

It automatically adjusts as users turn in their sleep, thus maintaining the ideal sleeping position to provide a restful night. With this Sleep System, we have created a unique range of products for our three Divisions: Domestic, Health Care (Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Home Care) and Hospitality.

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Suffer with sleep disorders? The ORO Bed can help

In addition to providing the utmost comfort for those in good health, the bed can benefit those living with a variety of sleep-related disorders. The product's unique features and benefits have been tested and proven on the UK domestic market with an almost 100% satisfaction rate.


Strong international patents have been granted for both the ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed and the ORO Latex Recessed Mattress with its unique ‘pressure relief comfort recess’.



Statistical evidence [1] shows that each year there are more lost working days due to lack of sleep or back pain related complaints than any other ailments.  


In addition, and not so well documented, are the costs to all other health delivery services, of more critical sleep-related problems in general and surgical wards in particular.  For example, a pressure sore can develop in as little as 30 minutes in a high-risk patient on the operating table.  Other longer stay patients develop these on susceptible parts of the body such as the back of the head, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, calf, heels, ankles [2] i.e., anywhere the patient’s body is in long term contact with the bed.  This is caused by the differential shear stress on the skin because of a combination of care beds and mattresses of inadequate quality and insufficient assessment of individual patients at risk.

In the EU, the treatment of pressure ulcers places a high financial cost upon the EU healthcare, with estimates of over €10b per annum and in the US these costs are even higher. They also spend millions in compensation to patients who develop pressure sores whilst under treatment in the hospital.


The product

The ORO Sleep System is the first Memory Programmable Automatically Adjustable Bed in the world. There are six distinct unique selling points (USPs):

The first unique feature is The Pressure Relief Comfort Recess. By incorporating ORO’s unique patented Pressure Relief Comfort Recess at the head of the mattress, it will, whilst sleeping on your side, remove the body weight from the shoulder and at the same time move the shoulder out of the way, so the neck and spine can be aligned in a straight natural posture, alleviating both problems at the same time.


On old type mattresses, once you stop sinking into the mattress, your body weight will still be pressing on your shoulder creating a dead or frozen shoulder, and the shoulder will still be in the way, so that the neck and spine cannot be aligned, causing neck pains and headaches.  

ORO’s Recess provides an invaluable aid to circulation and creates the opportunity for long, undisturbed health-giving sleep and at the same time eliminating stiff necks, tense shoulders, or aching backs.

No other mattress can do that, regardless of what the mattress surface is made of i.e., water, air, springs, or memory foam (see below).

Business latex mattress
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Image of woman lying on side

A second unique feature is a material used in the construction of the ORO Latex Mattress, which is of a sandwich configuration.

The top part is made of soft 7 zones 100% latex core, which is sensitive to body weight. The bottom part is made of medium-firm 7 zones 100% latex core providing proper support.

By combining the excellence of these materials with the unique “Pressure Relief Comfort Recess” of the ORO mattress design we have created the most comfortable mattress on the market.

adjustable bed in motion

Pressure Relief Comfort Recess

The third unique and patented feature is the Memory Programmable Automatically Adjustable Bed Base with the ORO Mattress with its ‘Pressure Relief Comfort Recess’ that enables the bed to sense the person’s change of sleeping position and adjusts the base of the bed automatically throughout the night whilst the occupant is asleep.


The memory changes the bed base to the pre-selected and pre-programmed position that is the most comfortable configuration for them when they are lying in a particular position.


This function is particularly beneficial for sleep apnoea, back, neck, stillbirths and shoulder pain sufferers.


Memory Programmable Automatically Adjustable Bed Base

The fourth unique feature is the Memory Programmable Automatically Adjustable Bed Base with the ORO Latex Mattress but without its ‘Pressure Relief Comfort Recess’.  It works in the same way as the third USP.

The fifth unique feature is the ‘prevention of snoring’ function, which has been designed to allow the user to pre-program a bed profile and time limit. This is then registered to the memory of the computer and will provide the user with armchair comfort.  Once the pre-selected time expires, the system will independently switch to automatic mode and take the user to the back or side sleeping position.

The sixth unique feature is the ‘stop snoring memory function’, which has been designed to enable the user to pre-program the profile of the bed between 0˚- 89˚ and set a time limit between 5 – 30mins. Once this is programmed into the memory of the computer, it will enable the spouse to move his/her partner’s bed into the ‘stop snoring position’, simply by touching the button on the electronic wristwatch.


An end to snoring. For good.

The bed will automatically, slowly, and quietly move to the pre-programmed ‘stop snoring position’ and stay there for the pre-programmed length of time.  During this time, the snoring partner will stop snoring and the bed will automatically take him/her back to the position they were first in, without taking them out of automatic mode.

These six distinct USPs combined to ensure that the ORO is the most comfortable and advanced sleep system on the market today.  Most importantly it provides a more comfortable night’s sleep and more cost-effective treatment and cure for patients as well as making it easier to use by their carers.

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