How the ORO New Millennium Advanced Sleep System can help you get a great night's sleep... every night

Before we designed and built the ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed and ORO Latex Mattress we considered the most important element… YOU.

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Mulberry Silk is produced by silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves. The silkworms spin their cocoons which are  then used as silk in silk products. Mulberry Silk is the best silk you can buy for textile purposes. 100% means that the fabric only consists of Mulberry silk. This is important because some companies will blend mulberry silk with cheaper silks to make a more inferior product. Mulberry silk is incredibly soft and durable. 

Silk is graded on an A, B, and C scale. Each letter referencing a different type of silk product quality. A being the finest, highest quality silk product and C being the lowest. The Number takes the grading and makes it a step further. For instance you could have 3A, 5A, or 6A. 6A being the highest. So when you see a silk product that is graded 6A, you can be sure that that is the highest quality of that specific type of silk that you can buy. 

Momme is a unit of measurement, much like thread count in Cotton. You can’t use thread count for Silk however, because the silk fibers of Silk are much thinner in diameter than that of cotton so you can easily reach a really high number for a thread count. That’s why momme is used instead. Momme describes the silk’s weight and density. Higher momme means there is more strands 

silk per 100 yards of fabric, therefore making the product heavier. So if they weigh that fabric, and say it’s 19 pounds, the momme would be 19-momme The higher the momme  higher quality and more durable the fabric is. Momme can range anywhere from 11-momme to 25-momme. The higher the better? For the most part. 19-momme while higher than 11-momme is still considered “lower quality” while 25-Momme is much too heavy for clothes or bedding and is usually used for decor like curtains. 22-Momme is the perfect balance and is what you should look for if you’re looking for silk bedding or clothes. 


If you have a long-term illness or you’re disabled, you might not have to pay VAT on certain goods and services that you buy or bring into the UK. For more information, visit the HM revenue and customs website or call us on 0800 854 330.

At the time of writing, adjustable beds have been around for more than 40 years. In many ways, they are still able to offer a few benefits, such as making reading or watching television in bed much more comfortable.  

However, they suffer from one major limitation; they can only be used while you are awake, as the controls must be operated manually.  

Adjustable beds can help sleepers move themselves to a comfortable initial position, but they do not address the fact that we all have two sides and people turn from their back to their sides during the night. This means that their bed needs to automatically readjust if their mattress is to correctly support them as they naturally move during a night’s sleep. 

Anyone can make use of the ORO Advanced Sleep System, regardless of age or technical ability. The whole system has been designed to be both intuitive and uncomplicated. The system is programmed with a simple touchscreen interface.

We have identified sleep-related problems and created solutions. ORO Dunlop & Talalay Latex are natural, chemical-free, and biodegradable have passed FR tests complying with British regulations BS 5852 without using any harmful chemicals.

Fabric for Mattress Covers passed all the FR tests BS 7177 and 7177 with crib five without using any harmful chemicals.

COPPER-CLEAN treatment of the fabric that kills and protects against COVID-19 Virus. 

ECO SHIELD treatment of the fabric kills and protects against Bed Bags, Dust Mites, Mosquitoes, and Moths. 

The eight powerful massage motors with five programs, including the timer.

Two in One Latex Mattress, designed of two latex cores, one soft and the other medium. They can be accessed and rearrange by removing the top of the mattress cover and turning them around to the desired firmness. 

Two in One Latex Pillow, designed of two latex cores, one soft and the other medium.

Removable top of the mattress cover for washing or replacement. 

Ten years warranty.

Granted International Patents.

Winner of Diploma and Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of the inventions in Geneva for Design and innovation of ORO Sleep System.

ORO Latex Mattress with unique and patented Pressure Relief Comfort ReceORO patented Memory programable and Automatically Adjustable Bed Base.

Prevention & Stop Snoring program .  

 Dunlop and Talalay are two methods for manufacturing the latex foam used in bedding. 

Dunlop is the standard technology, developed in 1929, while Talalay is relatively new method which is more complex, costly and time-consuming. 

Both methods use natural latex and can produce latex mattresses in any of the three blends described above. The production process always starts with mixing liquid latex with water. There are small amounts of other materials required for processing liquid latex into a solid form, which are necessary for all latex production. These are natural soaps, sulphur, and gelling and vulcanization agents. When the latex mixture is ready, compressed air is used to make foam. The foam is then poured into a mould, after which the vulcanization process begins. The latex foam is vulcanized at a temperature over 110 degrees for about 50 minutes. The finished mattress core is then taken out of the mould, washed and dried. 

The key difference in processing in the Dunlop and Talalay methods is the two additional steps in the Talalay technology – vacuum and freeze. When the mould is filled with the latex mixture and then closed, the pressure inside is reduced to create a vacuum, which lowers the air pressure in the mould cavity while increasing the air pressure in the foam bubbles. As a result, the foam expands and fills the mould evenly and the pressure inside the bubbles is driven to equalize over the entire latex block, leading to a very uniform density. The water in the latex foam is then frozen and carbon dioxide is injected. The freezing prevents the latex particles from settling at the bottom and transforming into a solid product. This means that the finished Talalay latex mattress has very consistent density and from top to bottom. Because there is no freezing stage in the Dunlop process, the rubber particles settle in the bottom of the mattress while the liquid latex is gelling into its solid form and so there could be slight differences in the feel and the firmness of the two sides of a Dunlop latex mattress. Although the Talalay process takes four times longer and consumes five times more energy than the Dunlop process, the two additional process steps improve the feel, quality and consistency of the finished latex, but at high additional cost and also with a much bigger carbon footprint. 

You need more than an adjustable bed- you need the ORO Automatically Adjustable bed!

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