How the Oro Sleep System could help Mothers to Avoid Stillbirths

Stillbirths and miscarriages are a tragedy for not only mothers but the whole family. Research suggests that out of one million pregnancies in the UK, 25% end up in babies’ death before they are born.

What Do Studies Say?

To identify the reasons behind this massive ill-fated rate, we did our research and found several studies discussing the reasons for stillbirths and miscarriages. While we were structuring the facts, we came across a few risk factors for these occurrences.

For example, in a study in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology [], the researchers interviewed 291 women who had experienced miscarriages and 733 women who had late stillbirths. The mothers who had miscarriages were interviewed after their babies died. On the other hand, mothers who had late stillbirths were interviewed during their pregnancy when the stillbirths occurred.

The outcome of this detailed research suggested that mothers who went to sleep on their back had at least twice the risk of miscarriages and stillbirths compared with mothers who went to sleep on their sides. Furthermore, it accurately stated that 3.7% of late stillbirths were linked with the supine (on-the-back) position. This study showed that stillbirths were not affected due to the size of the baby or the mother’s weight.

A study led by Professor Alex Heazell at the Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre in Manchester [] showed similar results, confirming a link between miscarriages and stillbirths with the supine position.

Helping with Stillbirths – the ORO Sleep System

Sleeping in the supine position during pregnancy is recently identified as a modifiable risk factor for miscarriages and late stillbirths. Advanced studies show [] that women can halve these risks by sleeping on their sides rather than in the supine position.

Considering these facts, we have come forward with the solution that could help mothers avoid these mishappenings with the ORO Bed Advanced Sleep System. This automatically adjustable bed is explicitly designed to provide maximum comfort and benefits to mothers during their pregnancies.

What is the ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed Sleep System?

The ORO Bed Ultimate Sleep System has two distinct patented components: ORO Latex Mattress with its pressure Relief Comfort Recess and ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed Base.

Side Sleeping Mattress

The unique Pressure Relief Comfort Recess provides mothers with excellent side support, even when used with a conventional bed. That’s because it has a Recess at the top end of the mattress, which removes the body’s weight from the shoulder and positions the neck and spine in a straight natural posture.

However, for the utmost comfort, safety and sleeping experience throughout the pregnancy, the ORO Latex mattress should be paired with the ORO Memory- Programmable Automatically Adjustable Bed Base that stores the mother’s sleeping posture preferences. No other system can offer the safety advantages and comfort benefits that this intelligent adjustable ORO bed provides mothers.

So, how could ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed help mothers with miscarriages and stillbirths? The ORO Advanced Sleep System helps mothers-to-be in different stages, as explained below.

The First Stage – Planning for Pregnancy

Information & Education 

In the first instance, we aim to provide information and education to expectant mothers regarding the dangers of toxic chemicals and, most importantly, inform them about the solutions to those dangers. The chemicals, especially the toxic flame retardant (FR) chemicals used in the manufacturing and production of standard polyurethane and memory foams, expose mothers to several health dangers. These poisonous pesticides contact their skin, exposing them to chemicals later found in their breast milk and umbilical cord blood.

We were manufacturing our mattresses using polyurethane and memory foam for many years until, during internet research, we came across an article “Are Flame Retardants in Your Mattress Killing You?” This opened our eyes to the dangers of chemicals that are used to manufacture polyurethane and memory foams.

A common complaint about memory foam mattresses is that they contain toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process, especially flame-retardant chemicals based on poisonous pesticides. There are hundreds of types of FR chemicals, and many of these toxic chemicals used in mattresses and furniture are associated with adverse health impacts, including hyperactivity, poor neurodevelopment, lower IQ, hormone disruptions, fertility problems and cancer (including thyroid and breast cancer).

 Banned fire retardants have recently been discovered in the umbilical cord’s blood []. We have no clear idea how they might affect the development and future health of foetuses. But we know that they are persistent, accumulative, and associated with cancer and disruption of the hormonal and reproductive system. We have achieved FR for our Latex Mattresses to comply with British regulation BS 5852 without using harmful toxic chemicals, replacing all our memory foam mattresses with 100% Latex, which has many other advantages.

The fabric for the ORO bed mattress covers is compliant with BS 7177, which ensures that the mattresses are fire-resistant and have passed the Crib 5 tests without toxic chemicals. ORO’s latex mattresses are the advanced solution that could help mothers avoid miscarriages and stillbirths as they don’t contain any harmful elements that could affect the baby’s health. Furthermore, pairing the ORO mattress with the Automatically Adjustable Bed Base helps the mothers before, during, and after their pregnancies, giving them utmost safety, comfort, and peaceful sleep at night, for the rest of their lives.

The Second Stage – First to the Third Trimester

During the first and second trimesters, the Pressure Relief Comfort Recess allows mothers to stay much more comfortable as they sleep on their sides. However, the third trimester is highly delicate to the mothers and the babies, needing extra care and comfort. In the last trimester, ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed Base helps avoid even the slightest possibility for the mothers who might turn on their backs unknowingly while sleeping.

ORO beds can be easily programmed for automatic functioning by using ORO touch-screen handsets. The advanced integrated Bluetooth Technology operates the beds automatically without any manual control. Hence, mothers can change their sleeping positions throughout the night, and ORO Advanced Sleep System will reposition the mattress accordingly without impacting the unborn child’s health.

The ORO bed is programmed to remember the mother’s sleep preferences. So, when the mothers change their position while sleeping, the ORO Bed readjusts them to the position that they have pre-programmed and stored in its memory beforehand.

Click here to watch our video :  OROBED-Automatically Adjustable Bed

Consider the following scenario:  a mother lying on her side finds the most comfortable position and then registers it in the bed’s system memory. Then she turns on her back, copying a semi-armchair posture, and records that into her ORO bed’s memory as well. After that, when she is ready to sleep, she’ll need to touch the A button on the handset to put her bed in automatic mode.

The ORO bed will be taking care of her sleeping positions throughout the night from that moment on. Whenever she turns from her side to a supine position, the sensor will inform the ORO bed system and slowly readjust itself to the semi-armchair sleeping position. If she feels the need to change to her side sleeping position, the ORO bed system will slowly readjust itself to the other pre-programmed side sleeping posture, while she is asleep without waking her up!

ORO Bluetooth touch-screen handset

The Final Verdict

Studies have established that when pregnant mothers lie on their backs, the baby and womb’s weight put pressure on their uterus’s main blood vessels. Sleeping in this position restricts blood flow and oxygen to the baby, ending up in stillbirth. However, sleeping on their backs in semi-armchair positions could reduce these risks. This is where ORO Advanced Sleep System, with its unique automatically adjustable functions, could help mothers with these problems and prevent miscarriages and stillbirths.

We have combined the ORO latex mattress with its unique patented Pressure Relief Comfort Recess and an automatically adjustable bed base to create what the British press is hailing as ‘The First Intelligent Bed of the New Millennium.’ We think of it as our moral duty to inform mothers worldwide about the dangers regarding miscarriages and stillbirths and at the same time tell them about Tommy’s excellent research [] into the causes of stillbirth.

ORO Med Adjustable Bed

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